University of Notre Dame




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Friday August 12, 2016; Jordan Hall 101
8:00 AM Registration
Session Chair: Hendrik Schatz (JINA)
8:30 AM WelcomeMary Galvin/Michael Wiescher (Notre Dame)
8:50 AM Science Vision for the Low Energy CommunityBaha Balantekin (Wisconsin)
9:20 AM Agency Comments from DOE/NSFTim Hallman (DOE)/Allena Opper (NSF)
10:05 AM ReA Energy Upgrade White PaperHiro Iwasaki (NSCL)
10:20 AM Group PhotoLocation TBD
10:30 AM Break
Session Chair: Krzysztof Rykaczewski (ORNL)
11:00 AM NSCL Status and OverviewDavid Morrissey (NSCL)
11:20 AM ATLAS Status and OverviewGuy Savard (ANL)
11:50 AM FRIB: Status and Plans for Initial OperationsThomas Glasmacher (FRIB)
12:30 PM Guidance for the Working GroupsHeather Crawford (LBNL)
12:40 PM Update on the ANL Target LaboratoryJohn Greene (ANL)
12:45 PM Lunch (provided)
2:00 PM Working Group Session 1 Working Group Schedule
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Working Group Session 2 Working Group Schedule
5:30 PM Working Dinner
7:00 PM Working Group Session 3 Working Group Schedule
8:30 PM Adjourn for the day

Saturday August 13, 2016; Jordan Hall 101
Session Chair: Alan Wuosmaa (University of Connecticut)
9:00 AM ARUNA Facilities OverviewSherry Yennello (TAMU)
9:30 AM ARUNA: Ohio UniversityCarl Brune (Ohio)
10:00 AM Education and DiversityMicha Kilburn (Notre Dame)
10:30 AM Break
Session Chair: Alexandra Gade (MSU)
11:00 AM Working Group SummariesDavid Dean (ORNL)
12:00 PM Final Discussion and CloseoutHeather Crawford (LBNL)
12:30 PM Lunch (provided)
1:30 PM Tour of the Nuclear Science LaboratoryNieuwland Science Hall 124